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Basic data

District Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis
Coordinates 48° 0'0.7"N; 8°24'33.48"E
Elevation 730 to 870 m
Area 15,79 km²
Population (based on the end of 2005) 1386
Population density 88 per km²
Postal code 78052
Area code 07705
Major Mrs. Eilts


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Tannheim is located in a valley called Wolfbachtal and its elevation is between 730 and 800 meter above sea level. It is the most south located place of Villingen-Schwenningen. 3 more hamlets belong to Tannheim. They are the forseter' lodge (Forsthaus), the sawmill (Sägewerk) and the lower mill (Untermühle).  The  precise  coordinates of the town hall are 48° 0'0.7"N and 8°24'33.48"E. The Totral area is 15,79 km² and is  between 730 m and 870 m above sea level. Tannheim has 1386 inhabitants based on the end of 2005.

Central located between Freiburg (ca.60 km), Konstanz (ca.77 km) and Tuebingen (ca.80 km) Tannheim is the ideal starting point for hiking in the Black Forest and for excursions to worth seeing university towns and to the delightful hinterland.

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